This is Why I Run

Growing up I was never a petite little girl.  I was the chunky girl. In high school, my BFF and I decided to lose weight together by eating less and exercising more (Genius, I know!) This is where running came in.  We ran.  A lot.  Sometimes twice a day. And the pounds came off. 40lbs to be exact.  I remained pretty active the rest of high school.  I ran track and worked out on my own.  Then came college.  And the weight came back.  Even though I still ran in college, it wasn't nearly as much as what I did in high school. Plus add in all the extra calories consumed in beer, fast food, pizza, and after bar runs to Jimmy Johns. Then there's the comfort of having a boyfriend turned fiance.  When I got engaged a year ago, I was determined to lose weight before my wedding.  I didn't want to look back at my wedding pictures and cringe.  Now that we're at the 9 month mark, it's time to get down to business and lose the weight that I've been saying I'm going to lose for the past year.  So in comes running, again.  Signing up for races and keeping a training plan helps to keep me on track.  My overall goal is to one day run the Chicago Marathon.

Races Completed:
-Nike 10K Human Race, Aug. 2008- 1:08
-Turkey Trot 8K, Nov. 2009-55.34
-Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K, March 2010- 53.34 (PR!)
-Chicago Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon, Aug. 2010- 3:12:02
-Haunted Hustle 1/2 Marathon, Oct. 30 2010-2:27:23


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