Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet my Bridal Pary

Tonight I finished my killer of a summer class. I could not be more happy or relieved to have had this day over with. Now I can relax, breath and enjoy what's left of my summer. And I now I have time to blog about my upcoming wedding :-)

Choosing my bridal party was a lot more difficult than I had wanted it to. Choosing my maid of honor was the easy part. I have one sister and she's my best friend in the whole wide world. She knows everything there is to know about me, even more so than my fiance :-) But the rest of the gang was a bit more difficult. I wanted a smaller party around 5. We have 7. I felt that it was necessary to include LC's two sisters since he's their one & only brother. And I wanted to include my only female cousin on my mom's side. So we're up to 4 girls, just family no friends. I've been BFFs with the same group of girls since I was 12. How can I pick just one? So I chose 3. Originally, I had chosen 2 childhood friends, and one college friend to complete my remaining 3. Well, within the past few months, the college friend and I had a big falling out (long, long story) and her and I are no longer talking. I was going to keep it at 6 but then decided to ask a good friend of mine, who I kind of lost contact with in college, but she was that friend that I knew I could call and she would listen to me or be there for me in whatever situation I was in. A true friend.

So here are my leading ladies! I could not be more happy and content with my decision in who I asked to be standing next to me on one of my most important days.

MOH-Melissa (my sister)
My sister. Best friend. Therapist. Travel Buddy. Hotel on drill weekends :-). She's got the most amazing heart and a truly genuinely good person down to her core. We still get in our spats, but I would be one lonely (and spoiled) child without the girl in my life.

She's my only cousin on my mom's side and my godfather's daughter. My wedding day just wouldn't be complete with out this little ray of sunshine :-) She's hilarious, and was always the funny/entertaining granddaughter when the 3 of us were together.

Cristen & Kelly-Bridesmaids & future SIL's
Cristen is LC's youngest sister and child of the clan and Kelly is his younger/older sister, if that makes sense to anyone. I'm very happy that I've been blessed with two wonderful future sister in laws. Kelly's a teacher in IL. and Cristen is currently working on her education degree.

Bax-Bridesmaid/BFF since 7th Grade
I can't really pinpoint how this girl and I became such great friends, but she has been a great friend to me over the years. I love her because she's so honest and not afraid to say what's on her mind. I'm looking forward to standing up in her wedding, September 18th.

Rachel & I met in 6th grade. We became fast friends through our love for the YMCA :-) When my mom first met her, her hair was green and she wasn't too fond of that fact, but Rachel quickly won my mother's heart with her bubbly personality. We've seen each other through a lot and I know I can count on her for anything. She's a wonderful person and has a very kind heart.

BFF. Both born on the 2nd of a month (that's how we became such great friends). Troublemaker. Partner in crime. Stolen cars. This pretty much sums up our friendship. I love this girl because she keeps me laughing, and although we lost touch for a while in college, we always picked up right where we left off. Dani has shown me the true meaning of friendship & that's why I love her so much!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Week and One Day...

Until I have my life back. After much consideration and thought about what I want to do with the rest of my life, I've decided to go back to school to be a physician assistant. I'm hoping to get into the program at Northwestern University. Healthcare is such a booming industry, and I want a rewarding job where I can feel good knowing that I am helping people. Because my original major was PR/Advertising, I failed to take any of the required science classes that I need for this program.

So this summer, to help speed along this process, I decided to take my first science class. Anatomy and Physiology. This one class has consumed the majority of my summer. I have had little time for anything else, including training for my half marathon which is coming up next Sunday. My sister and I are running together and she's been super busy too. At this point we're both praying that we don't die and that we can cross the finish line. The longest I've ran during this whole "training" process has been 5 miles. Fail. I can't wait until this class is over next Thursday. I can't wait to read "for fun", workout, and get some wedding planning done. Oh, and spend time with my wonderful fiance before he deploys :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A year ago Today...

Larry asked me to be his wife. And of course, I said YES (or else this blog would not exist)! I had never anticipated that our engagement would be this long, but the past year has gone by very quickly. I originally had wanted a winter 2010 wedding, but God had other plans for us. After we got engaged, Larry got word that his unit would be deploying overseas for 6 months, interfering with our winter wonderland wedding. So, we moved the wedding to the summer of 2011 and decided that we would get married on the same day that we got engaged, July 3rd. So next year on this date, I will be a wife and no longer a fiance. I'm looking forward to planning the all the details of our wedding, both big and small. We already have all the major things booked: Church, reception hall, photographer and DJ. I pray to God that the time he's away, will go by quickly and that he gets home to me safe and sound. We've done this before, this is nothing new to me, but it never gets any easier.