Monday, January 31, 2011

Chemical Peels & Bar Method

Lately, my face has been less than "perfect". Growing up, I've always had clear skin, but within the past few months it's been giving me some problems. I blame it on stress. A few weeks ago, Living Social was running a really great deal for a chemical peel. So impulsively, I purchased. I have never had a chemical peel before and I was very nervous going into the appointment. I did not want to come out of it looking like Samantha from SATC when she gets her botched chemical peel done.

So, this past Thursday I had my first ever chemical peel, hoping that this would help clear up my skin. I got the the medspa and filled out my paper work. She had me lay down on an exam type bed and she cleaned my face. Then she applied some topical cream that smelled absolutely awful. I could barely breath. Then came the chemical peel. It tingled. It almost felt like someone was pouring a lot of astringent on my face. The whole process took about a half hour tops. I barely noticed any change in my face except for the fact that it was very pale. I picked the perfect weekend for my face to peel off, because I ended up having to stay in all weekend due to a sinus infection and general cold. By Friday, my face just looked like it was sunburned. My boss sent me home early. Not because of my face (I think) but because of my illness. Saturday my face was dry. And by Sunday it started flaking off. Today my face is still dry and I'm not entirely satisfied with the turn out so far. I have noticed that some fine lines from my forehead are gone, but my face is STILL breaking out. So my verdict on the chemical peel: I should have seen a dermatologist first. I'll be paying one a visit in the near future.

This weekend, I also got notice that my bridesmaids' dresses are in. I'm going with my sister this weekend to pick up hers and I can't wait to see them!! I'm positive they'll look fabulous but all of a sudden nervous that the color might be too much. Nothing I can do about it now. I can't believe the big day's in 5 months! AGHH! So much to do!!!!

I've finally began working on some DIY projects. That's the great thing about these bitter cold Chicago winters. Lots of indoor time. My table "numbers" are almost complete. Pics to be posted shortly. And I've FINALLY decided on centerpieces, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

Today, I've finally started my 6 month commitment to The Bar Method! I haven't done this class in about a month and it felt oh so good tonight. Just what my body needed after not working out all week. I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I literally missed going to this class and I was looking forward to it all day today. I've never felt this way about any workout except for maybe running outside on a nice day. Tomorrow is February. LC comes home in February :-) I'm crossing my fingers and praying for THE BEST Valentine's gift of all time.


  1. oh my horrible! What is a chemical peel suppose to do anyways? Recently I went for a facial and my skin was good the first day...but then it was really really dry for about a week. Maybe it is the cold too....hmmm

  2. ahh chemical peel sounds scary!
    Glad your wedding planning is coming together and the fiance comes home soon! :)

  3. 5 months that's so exciting!! And good thing you tried the chemical peel now, not later - no one wants to pale and dry on their wedding day!

  4. the whole article is interesting but i think the chemical peel sounds horrifying but 5 months really sounds great. thanks for sharing.